Hey there.

I'm working to finish a few more tracks for the next release, titled "Life And Death", through Bandcamp, for free.

It's going to be a release with no less than 20 tracks. I'm hoping to release it before the end of this month, but I'll make sure to release it once I think it's really finished, no rushes whatsoever.

You can currently preview five tracks in the SoundCloud:

Undogmatic - Put to Sleep (collab. with Jorge Phyttas-Raposo)

Undogmatic - The Deserted House (collab. with Tapani Sysimetsä)

Undogmatic - Circling the Drain (Tribute to George Carlin)

Undogmatic - On The Origin Of Species (Instrumental)

Undogmatic - 4AM


Hope you'll enjoy it.


A new module in the website

Also, there's a new module, "Subscribe For News", on the left column, for those who might want to subscribe.

If you want get notified once a new release is out, you can also subscribe to the Facebook page, read the Last.fm page or, of course, check the Bandcamp page once in a while.


Good news: Undogmatic is back

It was a really shitty situation, I hate losing that laptop due to a hardware failure (GPU fried), but fortunately I have a new machine ready that's fairly equipped to continue my project. Thank you all for the support!

A small rant: I now have a desktop to work with. Should this sucker die one day, I can expect to repair it with greater ease and almost no trouble. Laptops are great for mobility and all that, but once an essential, unswappable, component dies, you're pretty much screwed. It's the way they're built in such a closed philosophy (which is sometimes understandable given the size limitations of the machines we're talking about), you can't swap a lot of the components, it's not like a desktop that you can repair easily without having to throw away most of the hardware as well, some components are often soldered together.

Anyway, that's it, I'm back, I can start working on the project again, I'll need to acquire some more equipment later, but for now it's okay already.


Undogmatic project on hold

I'm very sad to announce that the undogmatic project is on hold: my laptop has completely died, no way to fix it other than to replace the whole motherboard... It basically means that I have no computer capable to continue to work on my project.

Unfortunately I can't afford it right now, so if you want to help please donate something: Donate Here...

Thank you,



Edit: Not anymore. After my laptop was broken I've managed to get a desktop, so I'm back. More info here.

A collaboration with Tapani Sysimetsä has been released. This is a trip hop track with a folktronica flavor. Vocals by Tapani Sysimetsä, the lyrics are from a poem called "The Deserted House", written in 1830 by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
You might want to check out Tapani Sysimetsä's SoundCloud @ tapanisysimetsa.

Enjoy the track:

A collaboration with Jorge Phyttas-Raposo has been released. This is a melancholic orchestral trip hop track, very gloomy, with some dubbish parts.
You might want to check out Jorge Phyttas-Raposo's SoundCloud @ ventosbrancos.

Enjoy the track:

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