Hello there, here's one track made in collaboration with Kernfeld, some spooky and abstract illbient / trip hop / dub with a lo-fi flavor, strong on the sub-bass frequencies. Make sure you use a subwoofer or a good pair of headphones. Enjoy!


Hello there, I've just released a new album, called "Velvet Textures Vol. 2" and it's available for free download at Bandcamp!

Velvet Textures Vol. 2 [2013]

Velvet Textures Vol. 2


The second installment of the Velvet Textures releases. In a similar fashion to the first volume, the volume 2 is all about soothing ambiances, with tracks drawing influence from neoclassical, ambient as well as folk and jazz music. Some darker and melancholic textures are also present and, of course, the lovely downtempo / trip hop syncopated beats for rhythmic completeness.

I hope you'll enjoy it, and maybe you'll notice some improvement.
If you want to let me know, feel free to drop me some feedback in my facebook page:

Or, if you prefer, my soundcloud page:

"Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases."
~Chinese Proverb


1. Kissing Me (Intro) [2:06]
2. Tacitamente [3:45]
3. Persephone [3:13]
4. Amber [4:43]
5. Amanhecer (Interlude) [1:27]
6. Longing For Your Kisses [2:21]
7. Benzodiazepine [3:01]
8. Edicts Of Ashoka [4:03]
9. Piegas Com Fome (Interlude) [1:19]
10. The Golden Mean [3:40]
11. Death And The Maiden (Schubert Cover) [4:20]
12. Estey (Ain Soph Cover) [4:21]
13. By The River (Interlude) [1:07]
14. Later That Day [2:28]
15. Adrift I [3:04]
16. Adrift II [2:59]
17. Adrift III [2:29]
18. Sary Oy [1:01]
19. The Widow [2:17]
20. Kissing You (Outro) [2:06]

Download: http://undogmatic.bandcamp.com/album/velvet-textures-vol-2

Tags: Electronic, ambient, chillout, classical, dark ambient, downtempo, dub, experimental, folk, folktronica, illbient, melancholic, melancholy, neoclassical, neofolk, trip hop


Hey, a new EP called "Secluded Graveyard" is out and is available for free download at Bandcamp!


Secluded Graveyard [2012]Secluded Graveyard



Minimalistic release where Illbient meets Doom with a touch of Dark Jazz. 



1. Ataraxia [01:10]
2. Secluded Graveyard [03:51]
3. Secluded Graveyard [09:15]


Download: http://undogmatic.bandcamp.com/album/secluded-graveyard

Tags:  Electronic, ambient, atmospheric, dark ambient, dark jazz, doom, downtempo, dub, experimental, illbient, minimal, minimalism, trip hop


Hello there, I've just released a new album, called "Velvet Textures Vol. 1" and it's available for free download at Bandcamp!


Velvet Textures Vol. 1 [2012]

Velvet Textures Vol. 1



This new release is all about soothing atmospheres, drawing influence from neoclassical and ambient music. As usual, expect some darker and melancholic textures here and there to go along with some hard trip hop beats. Enjoy.  



1. Se Eu Fosse Um Dia O Teu Olhar (Pedro Abrunhosa Cover) [06:49]
2. Suna No Onna [01:46]
3. A World Divided By Mythology, United By Bigotry [04:50]
4. Rachmaninov [05:44]
5. Love [04:40]
6. V.S. Ramachandran [02:24]
7. Somnus [01:58]
8. What The Fuck Happened To Hip Hop? (Feat. IDE) [03:30]
9. What The Fuck Happened To Hip Hop? (Instrumental) [03:30]


Download: http://undogmatic.bandcamp.com/album/velvet-textures-vol-1

Tags:  Electronic, chillout, contemporary classical, ambient, downtempo, experimental, harp, neoclassical, soft, strings, trip hop, violin


Hello, it's with excitement that I hereby present to you my debut album, "Life And Death", available for free download.


Life And Death [2012]

Life and Death



"Life And Death" is the debut album by Undogmatic. It's a fucked up album born out of contrasts: Lighter and softer tracks face-off against their darker and harsher counterparts. 
There's a bit of everything waiting to be revealed in the tracklist. 

Life and death are contrasting states, likewise this album is about creation and destruction, good and evil, love and hate, seductiveness and ugliness, all these feelings delivered through either melodic or dissonant, disharmonious and chaotic aspects of music... Everything's on the menu today, go ahead, devour and enjoy it as much as you'd like before it's too late. :)


1. Life  [6:03]
2. Meadows  [2:17]
3. On the Origin of Species  [2:43]
4. How Much More (Tribute To Richard Dawkins)  [2:39]
5. Real World (Tribute to James Randi)  [0:48]
6. Garbage FM  [1:38]
7. Circling The Drain (Tribute To George Carlin)  [4:39]
8. The Deserted House (Collab. With Tapani Sysimetsä)  [4:52]
9. Put To Sleep (Collab. With Jorge Phyttas-Raposo)  [5:49]
10. Toni Childs - Dreamer (Undogmatic Remix)  [4:52]
11. It's A Cold Winter Without You  [2:57]
12. Death Dub  [2:31]
13. ALH84001  [2:22]
14. Lubricate Your 3rd Eye  [4:07]
15. Nightmare Fragment 1  [1:55]
16. Dark Matter  [3:12]
17. The Horror House  [5:09]
18. Caved In  [7:55]
19. Dark Sided  [2:50]
20. 4AM  [3:24]
21. Supreme Blasphemy  [1:46]
22. Death  [10:15]
23. Life (Instrumental)  [3:19]
24. On The Origin Of Species (Instrumental)  [2:43]
25. Circling The Drain (Instrumental) [2:45]


Download: http://undogmatic.bandcamp.com/album/life-and-death

Tags: electronic, avant-garde, dark ambient, dark hip hop, downtempo, dub, dubstep, experimental, folk, folktronica, horrorcore, illbient, industrial, melancholic, neoclassical, trip hop

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