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A new album, "Je Suis Charlie", has been released! You can download it for free now:



Je Suis Charlie [2015]


Je Suis Charlie, because freedom of speech is under siege by religious fanaticism, blasphemy taboos and dogmas and we should continue to defend one of humanity's most important freedoms after this barbaric attack. 

Undogmatic releases this EP in memory of those killed in Paris on the 7th of January, 2015, who are among many others who have been killed unjustly throughout the ages simply for exercising their freedom of speech, for speaking their minds, with their pens, their mouthes or their music and other creative powers. 

Freedom of speech itself cannot be killed, not in this way, let us thus speak freer than ever and let no one terrorize us out of our most basic human rights.


Cartoon on the cover made by Jean Jullien: 

Under fair use the following speech samples were used: 
Track 1: BBC - «Satirical cartoons: Is it ever ok to mock a religion» 

Track 8: BBC - «Maajid Nawaz discussing the importance of freedom of speech following Paris shootings»


1. Je Suis Charlie [03:52]
2. Hypoxia [02:18]
3. Iberian Wolves [07:21]
4. I'll Remember You [03:15]
5. Distant Realms [04:24]
6. The Foundation [04:00]
7. Sax-Dimensional Short Trips [01:27]
8. Maajid Nawaz [03:40]

Download at Bandcamp:

Download at MEGA:!dQFhxCYR!13Ruzoo1Haqj96myIHKeDoAo9U1dSpWgWUbDQwKOh50


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