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A new album, "Velvet Textures Vol. 3", has been released! You can download it for free now:

Velvet Textures Vol. 3 [2014]


I'm back with the third installment of the "Velvet Textures" series, after more than a year since the second volume. This work delves, yet again, into soothing & atmospheric tracks with my usual signature: an eclectic touch (which might as well be described as a concoction of a wide range of styles such as trip hop, illbient, dub, ambient, downtempo, acid jazz, hip hop, chill-out, neoclassical, and world music, to name a few).
There's also some new experiments thrown in the mix with some previously unexplored flavors (for instance: "Bioluminescence" and "Atmosphere Of Seduction", but not limited to). I think this variety might enhance the richness of your listening experience. :)

When it comes to themes: like in the last two volumes, melancholy, dark undertones and chilling subtleties are a common trait in this album, often punctuated by prominent syncopated beats. Expect plenty of brass too with flügelhorn, trombone, sax and trumpets being present in many of these tracks.

Some of the drums are rough, gritty and hard-hitting and there's even some some tracks with darbuka percussion for some Middle Eastern exoticness.
But enough with the spoilers, just listen to it and find out for yourself! :)

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did throughout its production. Some of the tracks are the fruits of some pretty intense moments of my life, making them very special and meaningful to me.

I would like dedicate it to everyone who's been supporting and sharing my project, my listeners, and to everyone who's special in my life, new friends, old friends, family (specially my grandmother who passed away on the 5th of August), the people I collaborate with and everybody who continues to inspire me to improve as an artist and as a human being, to those who have been motivating me to try my best to overcome my social anxiety (they know who they are, but specially Teresa), whose support has been thoroughly appreciated. Finally, I would like to dedicate this album to Elisabeth as well (my very first listener) and to my Russian friend Svetlana who's going through a rough period in her life: stay strong and get better soon! :)  

I hope you'll enjoy it.
If you want to let me know, feel free to drop me some feedback in my facebook page:

Or, if you prefer, my soundcloud page:



1. Hyperthymesia [03:33]
2. Childhood Memories (Ambient Version) [04:37]
3. Bioluminescence [03:12]
4. Sunset [03:29]
5. Invisible [02:16]
6. Lounging [01:23]
7. Cosmos [02:58]
8. Ominous Intent (with Vitality) [03:51]
9. Street Lights [04:53]
10. Embark On A Journey [01:47]
11. Eclecticism [04:21]
12. Atmosphere Of Seduction [04:09]
13. Dar[k]buka [02:02]
14. Naked & Warm [03:53]
15. Carbonara For Two [02:39]
16. Equal Value [01:18]
17. Monsoon [03:31]
18. Destino Incerto [04:33]
19. Koshka [03:10]
20. Dawn [02:19]
21. The Age Of Reason [02:56]
22. Brief [01:10]
23. Growing Up [02:30]
24. Frozen [02:45]
25. Childhood Memories (Illbient Version) [04:43]
26. Don't Give Up [03:06]
27. Equal Value (Instrumental) [01:18]
28. Time To Heal [02:02]
29. The Soothing Embrace [01:54]
30. Fragmentos Nostálgicos [04:23]

Download at Bandcamp:

Download at MEGA:!dQdgXRwR!jaFhNQhBoYZiyaR3PC25NBue_U3DnVI9xzJPCs7n9hA


Tags: electronic ambient chillout darbuka dark ambient downtempo dub eclectic experimental folktronica illbient melancholic melancholy neoclassical neofolk trip hop

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