Hello there, here's one track made in collaboration with Vitality, a dark and melancholic track with some sax and trombone goodness.

Download here: https://soundcloud.com/undogmatic/undogmatic-ominous-intent-with-vitality


Hello there,

A new album, "InDUBstrial", has been released! You can download it for free now:

InDUBstrial [2014]Undogmatism Cover


"InDUBstrial" is very different from my Velvet Textures series, it's much darker and experimental, less melodic and more minimalist and synthetic at times (it's closer to the second half of my "Life And Death" album).

If you prefer my softer works I also have good news for you: Velvet Textures Vol. 3 is coming out soon, maybe in less than a month, just a few more final touches and... :)

But back to the topic at hand: The idea behind InDUBstrial is to fuse dub/trip hop with industrial and dark ambient influences (among others), to come up with an experimental concoction. I imagine myself inside an abandoned factory hearing these tracks reverberating through the dark walls and rusty machinery. Some of the tracks are wrapped in abstract and psychedelic soundscapes with little details hidden among the dark textures.

As always thanks for checking out my work, for supporting me and for sharing it with your friends (the main vehicle for the promotion of my music). Also I'd like to thank Automageddon and Kernfeld for their collaborations. :)

I hope you'll enjoy it.
If you want to let me know, feel free to drop me some feedback in my facebook page:

Or, if you prefer, my soundcloud page:



1. Cydonia Jazz [04:41]
2. Cydonia Jazz (Rustle Echo Remix by Kernfeld) [02:42]
3. Verdi's Legacy [05:31]
4. Channel Live feat. KRS-One - Mad Izm (Undogmatic Remix) [04:02]
5. Thought Experiments (Collab. With Kernfeld) [05:33]
6. How Religion Poisons Everything [03:11]
7. The Factory [05:07]
8. History Repeats Itself [02:13]
9. Bobo Doll Experiment [02:20]
10. The Islamic Dark Age (Speech by Neil DeGrasse Tyson) [08:06]
11. Space-time continuum (Collab. With Automageddon) [05:15]
12. Technological Barbarism [04:00]
13. The Honest Politician [05:32]
14. Monks In The Shadows (Collab. With Kernfeld) [08:18]
15. Machinations (Collab. With Automageddon) [04:25]
16. Rebooting The Machine [02:09]
17. Bleak And Desolate [03:54]
18. Modern Roughnecks [05:01]
19. Larvae [03:16]
20. Despotism [01:28]
21. Cold Space (Collab. With Automageddon) [09:08]
22. The End Of Dogmatism (Terminator II Theme Cover) [02:15]

Download at Bandcamp:

Download at MEGA:


Tags: Electronic, dark, dark ambient, dark hop, downtempo, dub, experimental, hip hop, horrorcore, illbient, industrial, martial, rhythmic noise, power noise, psychedelic, abstract, trip hop

Hey there,

Here's a new track (and video) called "Atmosphere of Seduction". Enjoy :)

Download @ https://soundcloud.com/undogmatic/undogmatic-atmosphere-of
A new track with an eerily exotic/erotic touch. :)
[78 bpm * Illbient / Trip Hop]

On Soundcloud:


Hello there,

A new album, "Undogmatism (LP)", was just released through Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel! You can download it for free now:

Undogmatism [2013]Undogmatism Cover


Compilation album released through Dusted Wax Kindgom netlabel - http://dustedwax.org/dwk235.html

"The Portuguese talent Undogmatic drops his special "Undogmatism" LP with Dusted Wax Kingdom.
17 deep mind-expanding tracks, fusion of downtempo, dark ambient, trip-hop, cinematic electronica and dub."

I hope you'll enjoy it.
If you want to let me know, feel free to drop me some feedback in my facebook page:

Or, if you prefer, my soundcloud page:


1. ALH84001 [02:22]
2. Meadows [02:17]
3. Adrift I [03:04]
4. Tacitamente [03:45]
5. Life [03:18]
6. Ataraxia [01:10]
7. Mourning Swag (w/ Vitality) [04:32]
8. Just Face It (Interlude) [01:20]
9. It Ain't Easy (Melancholia Dub) [02:32]
10. Secluded Graveyard [03:51]
11. What The Fuck Happened To Hip Hop? [03:30]
12. The Horror House [05:09]
13. Edicts Of Ashoka [04:03]
14. Se Eu Fosse Um Dia O Teu Olhar (Pedro Abrunhosa Cover) [06:49]
15. On The Origin Of Species [02:43]
16. Ephemeral [2:00]
17. Dusty Desktop (Outro) [01:10]

Download at Bandcamp: http://undogmatic.bandcamp.com/album/undogmatism-lp
Download at Dusted Wax Kingdom:  http://dustedwax.org/dwk235.html


Tags: Electronic, ambient, chillout, classical, dark ambient, downtempo, dub, experimental, illbient, melancholic, melancholy, neoclassical, trip hop, hip hop, horrorcore

Hello. Here's yet another new track, called "Aphrodite", named after the greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. It's a slow track at 63 bpm, and deliciously composed with a dark, melancholic yet sensual mood. Hope you'll like it. :)
Link: https://soundcloud.com/undogmatic/aphrodite

Enjoy the track:

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